Goal Setting

I stayed late at work, my very first programming job. It was a government job so nobody else was there exempt for me. Around 8pm the Janitor came and asked me what I was doing. Young me said:

“I am doing a little extra work, the fun parts. Afterwards I am going to watch a movie with a friend and eat some pizza”.

He asked me if I was happy. I immediately said I was extremely happy. He replied that I was one of the lucky ones because I knew what I wanted.

He gave me a little tip/trick. He said that:

“To find out what you want to do in life, write down everything that you DO NOT want to do in a sheet. Then take another sheet and write the opposite of what you just wrote.”

He explained that most people know what they do not want but have not clue what they want. It made complete sense, also I released that this technique is very useful when trying to find out what others want.

Every four months I practise this exercise to keep me in check.